We have built an application platform offers a global payment solution

We are reinventing the way global
transactions take place on the blockchain.
This is a safe, smart and easy-to-use
platform that breaks down the restrictions
of online gaming

What is GTP ?

Game Global is a multi-platform that co-exists and apply Blockchain technologies and artificial intelli- gence (AI) with excellent features developed by a leading expert team located in England

Tron Game Global creates a closed ecosystem, a comprehensive transaction platform that helps the community develop strongly about finance and promises to become a leading technology brand in the world. It embraces and intergrates automation technology such as Bitcoin Trader app to help traders have a different experience.

This is a multi-channel social network integrated directly in exchanging and connecting users together for interaction, including fast support group connecting extremely quickly to help you solve problem. You can also exchange resources like transfer of money, loans and encrypted assets with just a few clicks

The platform is optimized with state-of-the-art technology. At the same time, the operation mechanism is intelligent according to global time zone. With the policy of paying for the attractive and tight connection of mem- bers. It’s combined with a strong development strategy shaping culture that provides the opportunity to own Game Global. Digital currency is consid- ered as potential pioneer in the entertainment field

The Game Global network has identified the potential of the digital currency market, providing a platform for traders to take advantage of available resources. As a cross-platform, the Game Global network integrates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies while using sophisticated and systematic technologies to facilitate the commercial community with the best features. Tron Game Global ecosystem is integrated on two Android and iOS apps.


GTP Token is now entering the public sale. Our private sale is entirely over and now we open the doors to the general public to take part in the hodling of GTP and join our community


Tron Game Global Pay - GTP

Reference Price

1 GTP = 5 TRX

Total Supply GTP

Accepted Currencies


For Sale (60%)

Minimum Buy-in

100 USD

Distribution of tokens

- Private Sale in Q4/ 2018 at $0.1 /GTP and increases daily by 0.8%/day until prices reach $0.2 /GTP

- Members who have invested in only one purchase equal to USD that they invest for $0.1

- Members who do not participate in the investment program are entitled to buy GTP at the price at the time of purchase


our team

The TronProfit Team combines a passion for technology, industry expertise &
proven record in finance, development, marketing & influence

Steve Anderson
Martin Edward
Manager project
Gavin Jones
Manager Project
Daniel Lavoie
Manager Marketing
Smith Jame
Web Developers
Richard Fortin
Mike Gagnon


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